Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Will "Desktop Computers" become a History???

With ever growing popularity of laptop computers, there exist a question, will laptop computers replace desktop computer? The answer to that question is what we gonna answer in this post. Laptop computers have gained the most popularity in the past decade than any other machine. Every now and then we listen to the people encouraging the use of laptop computer in their work place or even in their homes. The trend was first set by laptops which operate Windows OS, but apple was never seemed to be unfamiliar with the market. Soon the competition between Windows OS and Mac OS had started. But with the less cost Windows OS machines beat the Mac OS machines in numbers. 

On the other hand Intel corporation followed the Moore's law and took remarkable steps in the world of computing. Recently Intel has announced the release of its processor Core i7. So the importance of the improvement among the computers remains in place. Desktop computers take a huge advantage of their remarkable performance at very low cost. Desktop computers are a source of fun, entertainment and information at the same time. And until now they are supposed to be the most reliable service provider in comparison with laptops.

In the world of technology and portability we can never deny the importance of Desktop computers due to their cost effective services.

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