Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is it a Good Idea to Buy "iPad"???

In general, it was reported that the launch of Apple iPAD was disappointing to say the least. It was not just the first generation or name errors should be rare. No support for 16:9, Flash support, multitasking, support SD Card slot, HDMI or high resolution video, USB, GPS and the list continues. It is also exclusive to AT&T and 3G wireless add-on is $130 more, with a limit of 250MB of data per month. It's a joke that you can burn through that data more and one day on the Internet. Now would you buy iPad knowing that the output of the first generation mistakes and all?
Of course iPad includes all the features as the iPhone, in a great form video, YouTube, iPod and iTunes, interactive satellite maps, notepad, calendar, contacts and Spotlight search. IPAD will be sent in three different configurations of internal storage and with the possibility of Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi+3G, for a total of six different models. The basic model, the 16GB Wi-Fi will start at a reasonable $499, while the top of the line 64GB Wi-Fi+3G model will sink into a sum still affordable $829.
Apple said that while most new technologies are introduced at a higher price and slowly work their way down, Apple would do things differently.
What Apple needs to do is not try to make this seem more than a laptop, because I do not see how, at this stage, it really is. IPad is a news reader impression of luxury, or a replacement for the role. This makes it ahead of its time. The idea of Tablet PC's is nothing new; Microsoft has worked for years on it. I think Apple would be better to try iPad market as something that could be used in schools could be used as a means to revolutionize the way we read the news each morning.

For more information visit : http://www.apple.com

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